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Gourmet meals delivered to your door! 

Our Story

Delicious, Nutritious and Convenient are just three of the reasons why customers should try our freshly cooked meals.

It all started in 2015 when Chef Fiona decided to follow her dream and go back to her roots as a Cordon Bleu Chef. 

Fiona is passionate about cooking and adding value to the customers that she feeds. Gourmet Box is a way for families, singles and seniors to have delicious home cooked meals delivered to their door, no more worrying about the shopping, cooking and cleaning up. 

Gourmet Box uses only fresh seasonal ingredients, sourced daily ensuring that every meal is of the highest quality. At Gourmet Box we are eco- friendly and  use 100% bio-degradable food packaging thus minimizing our carbon foot print.

Gourmet Box is more than a supplier but a part of your family.

Meet Chef Fiona! Your personal family Chef!

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Weekly Menu

Meals Available Daily
Fish Cakes – Choice of 2 Veg or 2 Salads
Battered Hake – Choice of 2 Veg or 2 Salads
Crumbed Pork Chop – Choice of 2 Veg or 2 Salads
Pork Sausages – Choice of 2 Veg or 2 Salads

Vegetable Options
Creamy Spinach, Peas, Mash, Cheesy Cauliflower,
Glazed Carrots Butternut, Fried Cabbage,
Pumpkin Fritters
Potato Salad, Greek Salad, Italian Salad, Coleslaw

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